Čačić: We have to forget about winning with Turkey, the Czech Republic is more afraid

Croatian coach Ante Čacic was pleased with the winning entry to the European Championship against Turkey (1: 0), but also urged the Balkan team to quickly forget the opening triumph. “The first match is always very difficult for both teams, but we did it.” After we gave (at 41 minutes) the first match was very hard for both teams, but we did it. “

We were more likely to hold the ball, have had more chances and twice hit the goal.I have to be happy because it is important to start the group victorious.You will encourage you in the next two games, “said Čaččič at a press conference. P> However, he does not overpower and is already thinking of a fight with the selection of Pavel Vrba. “We do not take anything for granted.We do not think we have advanced. I told the players that I fear the Czech Republic more than Turkey. We must forget about this victory as quickly as possible. It is important that the whole team concentrate on the next match, not the past, “warned the 27-year-old coach whose team D will close on June 21 with Spain. Čaččič very much praised the midfielder Luke Modric, Who decided the game in Paris with a beautiful long-distance volleyball. “Luke deserves to be talked about. He played one of his best games. He played really well, he was our leader and scored a magical goal.If Luka is in this form, the whole team looks better and more aggressive, “the native of Zagreb was looking forward to.

The second Croatian hero was defender Vedran Čorluk, who had to be treated with bleeding head injuries several times. But he did not return to the dangerous end of the Hakan Baltu at the scheduled time. “He is a warrior and remained to the end, although it was not pleasant for him. He showed tremendous courage, and with many stitches and bleeding he had many headlines. After each other it got worse, but I congratulate him, “said Cacic.

Turkish coach Fatih Terim has been expecting more from his team. ” We have never started big tournaments well. I’m disappointed, but let’s take that lesson. At this level, we have to play better.We have two matches against Spain and the Czech Republic and we will do everything we can to do. We will fight to the end, “Terim said.

He acknowledged that the Turks had lagged behind the Croatian side. ” In the first half we played well and had a great chance of leading the goal, Who could change everything.

In the second half, especially after 60 minutes, we left physically and Croatia was better and had more chances, “commented the coach of the age of 65.

Already in the 65th minute he withdrew from the course captain and the biggest Turkish Star Ardu Turana, and Oguzhan Özyakup did not play and another creative midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu did not get anywhere. “Our big players have to show more. It’s a team game, but I want a lot from them.When my expectations meet, good results will arrive, “Terim said.

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