Liberec footballers are waiting for a key battle. Will they appeal to a strong Fiorentine?

The result of the match can revive Liberec’s chances of moving from the basic group of the European League or is definitely sent to the bottom. After a 2-2 draw in Karabakh and a 1: 2 draw against PAOK Thessaloniki, Slovan has a single point in the group J table.

“If we win, the situation in the table would be beautifully tangled. If we did not, we would have been in a struggle to move into a terribly difficult position, “commented coach Henry Trpišovský.

Liberec did not win seven times in the main stage of the European competition against the home audience and longs to break this line . “This is the main motto we have in mind,” says betting analysis Trpišovský. “Finally, we want the fans to leave the stadium happy. We have only two attempts in the autumn.We want to win and break the series at any cost. “

But Fiorentina is an extremely strong opponent. It has a famous history and last year finished in a packed Italian league fourth. Now, like Liberec, it is fourteen, but the strength is still great.

“There is a stumbling block. I saw a personal match with AC Milan, when they were clearly better but did not penalize and ended 0: 0, “said Trpišovský. “Fiorentina is in the lower half of the table, but in all games it had more missiles and sometimes overwhelming dominance. Perhaps it will help us to show different performances at home and outside, and on a foreign pitch this year has not won. “

The defender the best sports betting online Daniel Bartl relies on the full stadium U Nisy. “Spectators take us.Maybe we will surprise and win, “he hopes.

The main will not find him unnecessarily in defense and not expect what the opponent will think. “He wants to fly over and attack them right from the goalie. Maybe some suggestion and they will not wait, “he thinks. “For me, every match in Europe is a holiday, but Fiorentina is something extra. Perhaps he will be defeated, even though he is a huge big club. “

The good news for Liberec is that he is emptying a boar. Only the wounded Pokorny and Ekpai midfielder, who is handling a visa in Nigeria, are missing.