Turín FC – Atalanta Bergamo

On Saturday there is only one match in Italy on the program. Home Torino after the last draw with AC Milan wants to finally win and has a home environment as a bonus. But his opponent is Atalanta Bergamo, who managed the Monday finish and moved just ahead of Turin.

Turin is a very ambitious team who has been studying the Betclic cups for years. Still, he does not manage to penetrate them, although coach Siniša Mihajlović is not a bad pilot and the skeleton of the team is very interesting. Even with the shooting of Immobile – Ljajić, Turin is not getting any closer to his dream this year, and currently he is up to 11th.

About what it is in Europe, he can tell Atalanta sometimes after a game. After a long twenty-seven years of pause and hardship, the Orobice managed to get to the basic group of the European League and still get somebody to jump into it. Last time Etalton was again the victim of Atalanta, who even got five goals from the Italians! Pebbles are afraid of the first Betclic live betting place with the famous Lyon, expect few groups before the start of the group.

Serie A is no good and the center of the table is a good news for Atalant. Before the team learns to manage the rhythm of more competitions at a time and Gasperini finds the necessary quality and balance, it takes a while. Especially late October and November was a very difficult phase for Atalant, and the current tenth place helped La Dea players to win the last win over Benevento. The home against the newcomer was saved by the star of the last days, Betclic midfielder Bryan Cristante.

Even Turin did not make a bad match in the last round. The stars charged, although the shaky AC Milan eventually just tied without Turin being able to score a goal. The ability to shoot goals but in the long run is not Turin, nor the return of the shooter Andrey Belotti after the injury has not improved it yet. Bulls have scored only two winnings in the last ten duel and their form is very alternating.

President Urbano Cairo, in the last interview with Carpi, said in a recent interview with Torino Channel: “We have a good cadre and we Unibet mobil sport betting believe in a project that has been improving for years, I see improvement in our team, more commitment and joy over the last round. but I am convinced that it will improve soon. Atalanta has a good quality cadet, it will be a very balanced duel in my opinion, “added the experienced president.